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    For women who have NOT given birth vaginally.
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    For women who HAVE given birth vaginally.
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OrganiCup is reusable.

No more

having to buy pads or tampons.

No more

forgetting to bring your tampons
to school or work.

asking your partner to buy
your pads or tampons.

OrganiCup is typically
emptied twice a day.

No more

hiding pads or tampons in your sleeve.

Can I sleep
with it?

Absolutely ! Days of having a specific
pad to sleep with are over!

No more

frequent bathroom runs.

OrganiCup is secured
in position by a
light vacuum.

No more

fear of leaking and constant uncertainty.

Won't it
fall out?

Absolutely not! Just make sure
it’s placed correctly.

No more

scheduling holidays around your period.

No more

odor problems.

The soft material
ensures you won’t
feel it.

Can I use it for sports?

Absolutely! Go swimming, jogging, riding. Do yoga, jumping jacks
or stand upside down. Unlike a tampon, the soft material
even adjusts to your body ensuring you won’t feel it.
Did you know...

You can

use OrganiCup ahead of time to
avoid being “unprepared” .

So, how does it work?

How do I clean it in a
public bathroom?

you simply wipe with toilet paper and rinse when you get home.

Some think it looks big, but in reality it’s not

Oh, and by the way

no more

tampon strings!

Yet OrganiCup can contain 3 times
more than a large tampon

Did you know...


is a great solution for a heavy flow.